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Monica Bryant has provided her leading-edge Evolutionary Consulting and Coaching since 1994 offering a transpersonal perspective in support of inner and outer evolution. Her transpersonal view has the greatest potential for wholeness, psychologically and spiritually because it sees the whole person as embedded in their biological and social ecosystems and interconnected within the greater context of the cosmos. Evolution is a dynamic process that moves towards the next level of balance and wholeness both in nature and our psyches. This creation of wholeness is applicable to many different domains of life.

Monica’s evolutionary approach is soul-based and reveals deep patterns, organising principles and cycles to create meaning, enhance resilience and generate wholeness. She enables this through deep seeing and listening, archetypal insights and the inclusivity, appreciation and love of conscious conversation. Her work draws on her life experiences in: the fields of human and planetary potential, health, ecology, holistic sciences and entrepreneurship. Monica empowers individuals and organisations, to unfold their next evolutionary step and nurtures the emergence of new creative projects and how they evolve.

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About Monica

Monica Bryant BSc (Hons), MA, began her integration of holism, biology and psycho-spirituality during her interdisciplinary degree in Human Sciences at the University of Sussex (1978-1982). With more than four decades of experience in archetypal and transpersonal psychology and a Master of Arts in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred, she has a transdisciplinary approach to the evolving unified worldview. Her writing is published internationally. 

Evolutionary entrepreneur

For more than thirty years, Monica was an evolutionary entrepreneur making conscious contributions to create greater wholeness, balance and beauty in the world. Her cross-cultural business experience includes securing sole agencies for the UK and Europe, appointing distributors, launching new concepts and products, and creating promotional literature. As a company director, she imported pioneering health-related Evolved Products, which are eco-friendly and kind to humans and nature. Her business, educational and life experiences enable her to bring transformative, yet gentle changes to others through her Evolutionary Consulting and Coaching.  

Transformative teaching and tutoring

With a background in the Scandinavian naturopathic tradition, Monica then studied the benefits of nutrition for health from different cultural viewpoints. In the 1980s, she pioneered a symbiosis-restoring approach to microbial ecology and holistic health. She has lectured and trained natural health practitioners and doctors in regenerative biological healing internationally. Monica also tutored at the University of Sussex, supporting her students in following their personal passions and experiencing the joy of transformative learning. She has continued to follow her interest in the inner dynamics of transformation through education.

Evolutionary research

Monica has a long-term passion for independent research using qualitative, transpersonal research methodologies that value intuition and imagination. She was a freelance researcher for authors and company directors. Since 1978, Monica has built a library of more than 7,000 books, entered in her bibliographic database. This provides her with a rich resource of literature and out-of-print archives about a wide range of subjects. The common core that unites her library is the emergence of a holistic worldview and the evolution of consciousness. 

Envisioning a better world

Monica is a leading-edge thinker who has created and promoted evolutionary concepts, primarily in the field of health. For example, she pioneered probiotics in 1984, which is now part of mainstream medicine and our collective awareness. Monica is a member of professional organisations, participating in international communities and supports networks working to improve the quality of life, including the: Scientific and Medical Network since 1983; Association of the Emerson Trust; The Pari Center community; Academy of Professional Dialogue; and transpersonal psychology organisations in Europe and America. 

Love of nature and ecology

Monica is half Swedish and lives in the English countryside with her husband where they share their love of Bernese mountain dogs and horses. For more than thirty years, they have nurtured their local ecosystem by enhancing the conservation of wildlife, birds and bees. They have planted trees and hedgerows to support a rich diversity of species and managed wildflower meadows. Monica has created organic gardens and chosen to eat whole foods sourced from organic and biodynamic farmers.

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